At the age of 24, Kaleb Bryan established THE AUTO CAVE. To him, TAC was not just another venture along an entrepreneurial journey, it was an opportunity to have a business that would share his passion with others, cars.

Kaleb was raised deconstructing and rebuilding hotrods and classics while learning from his inspiration, his father Gary Wayne Bryan. At the age of 11 and with the help of his father, Kaleb listed his very first car for sale on eBay. Kaleb and his Father spent countless hours together finding, building, and enjoying classic muscle cars. In early 2010, Gary Wayne Bryan passed leaving behind a legacy to be carried out.

The Auto Cave today is a tribute to a great man of God, a father, a friend, and most of all, one of the coolest hot-rodders you’d ever meet.

GARY WAYNE BRYAN | 12.27.1950 – 02.05.2010